Grass Fed Beef: Gate to Plate

Now Taking Orders for Half Beef

These halfs won't last long. Get yours today.

See Half Beef here.  We typically sell out well before the butcher date.

Our Farm

Our farm consists of over 400 head of cattle and we utilize about 700 acres of pasture and farm land. The majority of the feed for our cattle is grown on the farm, with pasturing being the predominant feed source.

Custom Butchering

In addition to processing our own beef, we also custom order for other farmers. We process wild game and carry small grocery items.

Grass Fed Beef

Our cattle are raised naturally without added hormones or antibiotics. The enjoy lush pastures, fresh water and plenty of sunshine.
When you buy beef from us you are not only dealing with the farmer but the butcher as well, for added convenience. You beef will be cut to your specifications and double wrapped to protect you investment.
We are also able to provide you with 100% grass fed beef at an affordable price. These beef are raised without artificial hormones,antibiotic vaccines, non-protein nitrogen or undue stress.

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Congrats Amanda knight the winner of 3 lbs of bacon! If you didnt win you can still stop in the store and purchase some yummy hickory smoked..

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The 100% grassfed herd is almost ready to butcher! Place your order by July 3rd. Halves are $3.99/lb this includes the cut , wrap and freeze…

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Congrats Sara Beary Maxwell the winner of 3lbs of hickory smoked bacon!! Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks for sharing that last post everyone!!!! The front qtr has been sold and the winner of the 5 lbs of sausage is Shawn Jacobs!!! Shawn please..

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Congrats Ron Callendar the winner of the beef bologna!

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