Half Beef – 100% Grass Fed

$4.75 / lb

Bring your food source to a local level by purchasing Hepler’s Beef, 100% grassfed on pastures at our farm- from our gate to your plate. Learn about the various cuts and how to best utilize them. Grocery Stores and Large slaughter houses will package meat while it is still hot on the carcass in order for it to be at its heaviest weight. At Hepler’s meats, we dry age your beef for 14 days at 35 degrees to allow some evaporation which concentrates and enhances the flavor.


We ask that you pick up your order directly at our Emlenton Store. We have limited freezer space so please do this in a timely fashion.



We usually slaughter in mid summer and our Grassfed beef supply is limited, so please place you order early.


Your final price is based on the hanging weight, which is approximately 500-600 pounds for our whole beef. We also have a box charge fee on our beef which is $15 per half.  An EXAMPLE price would be as follows:

  • Half hanging weight- 275lbs
  • price per pound- $4.75/lb
  • box charge- $15.00/quarter
  • final price- $1321.25 total

Hepler’s Half Beef will have the following cuts:

From the Hind Quarter
Round Steak
Cube Steak
Rump Roast
Sirloin Steak
T Bone/Porterhouse OR New York strip/filet
Sirloin Tip

From the Front Quarter
Rib Steak
Short Ribs
Chuck Roast
Arm Roast
Soup Meat
Stew Meat
Heart, Liver, Tongue, Oxtail
Soup Bones

And of course, Hamburger

The internet is a great resource for techniques and recipes that will work well with each cut.

Hanging Weight– also known as dressed weight or carcass weight – is the weight of the animal after you remove the parts that are inedible like the hide, feet, head, some of the bones and most of the innards. The dressing percentage for most beef cattle is about 63%. A 1000 lb. animal would “dress out” at or have a hanging weight of about 500 lbs. The live weight of most of our beef is between 950 and 1150 lbs. On average our hanging weights are between 500 and 600 lbs for a whole beef.

How much do I take home?

You take home the finished cuts or “yield”. The percentage of the hanging weight that remains after the beef is cut is called the “yield” and is generally between 55% to 60% of hanging weight.

This percentage varies based on a number of factors including:

  • Dry aging: The amount of fat remaining on the meat cuts. The yield will vary based on how much surface fat the cutter leaves on the cuts.
  • Beef genetics- The genetics of the animal also affects yield. We make an effort to choose genetics with high yield percentages.

How much freezer space will I need for my beef?

Plan on approximately one cubic foot of freezer space for every 15-20 pounds of meat. The interior of a milk crate is slightly more than a cubic foot. For a 1/2 a beef, you will need a 7 cu ft. freezer.

How do I place an order?

Call us at (814) 498-2813 and we will discuss beef availability and cut options.

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